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What makes our methodology so unique is that we merged two key concepts: we combined simplicity with accurate, economically significant market indicators.

One thing I firmly believe is that any stock market indicator must have a fundamental reason for why it works. It's not enough that an indicator generates a profit. If an indicator works without having a fundamental reason for working, the profits generated might be due to coincidence or pure luck. I have no interest in investing my hard-earned money into a method based on that type of nonsense. So for me, every indicator we use must have an economic reason for working.

But that's just the first step. One other thing I believe is, not only must a system be accurate, it must be easy to implement. If a system is too complicated, it doesn't matter how accurate it is. If it's not easy, most people will abandon the method. With that in mind, we've developed what some people believe is the easiest financial forecasting system available. It's so easy it involves logging in once per week. If all are charts say bullish, you get into agressive funds or ETFs (200% Beta), or if just one factor is bearish, then you're out and into cash funds. That's it!

THREE EASY FACTORS FOR BUILDING WEALTH is based on these underlying principles:

  • *To make money, you need to compound it.
  • *In the stock market, compounding occurs at a faster pace if you avoid bear market.
  • *Bear markets occur when you get one of three conditions:
  • o When banks restrict lending activity because they can't make money.
    o When an economic Depression becomes far more likely than normal.
    o When stock market optimism becomes excessively high.

3EZ Factors For Building Wealth

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